Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2011 and the Creative Process

I've been absent from the blog, but very active offline!   There is an adjustment period that I didn't expect, that overcame me the last few months (and the holidays too).  When you are creative all your life and you are always having creative ideas, but no time to do them - it was a shock to me to find that when I did have the time to do art....I struggled to do it!

I set up  my little art nook, I got all my supplies ready....fresh modeling clay, fresh art tablets, pencils sharpened and then I hit this strange malaise.  I decided to ride it out and be gentle with myself and if the very least I could do was just show up everyday with the best intentions, that's what I would do.

I was reminded of Elizabeth Gilbert's fantastic TED lecture about the creative process, and how for some it is effortless and for others its challenging.  That was really reassuring to me because I wondered if I was doing something wrong.  Was I not meant to do art afterall?  was this idea of mine just a lazy wish?  I truly believe in my gifts though, and that as long as I keep showing up to participate with my art, the muse will participate too and it will happen.

Happily, the creative effort has kicked in and I'm excited to show what I've been up to the last month or so very soon, I've got photograph's I'm processing and several drawings I'm working on completing.

Here is that fabulous Elizabeth Gilbert TED lecture though, "Nurturing Creativity" in the meantime.  I find it very cheering and encouraging in this journey with creativity.

Also, my newest favorite blog that is brimming with creative inspiration:  Color Me Katie ; she is always fascinating me with her photograph's and playful way of existing.