Friday, November 12, 2010

Create! Create! Create!

I've got my new art space all sorted out and its irresistible to stay away from.   I have days when its harder to get to the table and let my imagination flow - an unexpected part of this journey.  I always thought when I had every obstacle removed from my path to just get a chance to do my art stuff it'd be this amazing joyous easy path.   HA !!!  The creative journey is not really all sparkles and fairy dust!  Sometimes you have to really let go of ideas of what you think your art process will be like, and just be in the moment and see what you can do.

Here are some pictures of where the magic happens in my casa de moon belly!

I figured out though, that the light needed to be on the left so had to shift a few things around and add in all my fun colored pencils::

A special little Yeti Creature in the works, while it's muse is in the background  ^_^  ::


Patty said...

Great work space! This will be a wonderful adventure for you!!

HappyMoonBelly said...

Thanks Mom :-) happy to be on this journey of creativity with you. xoxoxo