Saturday, May 05, 2012

Cinco de Monsters!

These two really love spring and are getting ready to celebrate their excitement about all the lovely sunshine they have been enjoying. They have some flowers to share that they recently spent all day gathering!

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Chicklet said...

I like your artwork on this site.

I am on a hunt for the sims 2 clothes you posted on EA's website. The website no longer works, so I can't download the clothes there. I noticed that they are different than the clothes at Parsimonious. Do you have these posted anywhere else?

I'm sorry if this was not an appropriate way to contact you. If I understand correctly you are retired from sims 2 creation. Please forgive me for hunting down your beautiful work.

HappyMoonBelly said...


Let me look into it. You can email me too, happymoonbelly @ yahoo. com