Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Avant Garden Auction 2011

I'm so pleased to say that I'm going to be in an upcoming gallery showing, the "Avant Garden" !!  Its an art auction for my favorite local farm, Veggilution, a non-profit that is raising funds for its continued growth.  I've volunteered a few times on the weekends at this place, and its a wonderful awesome garden to learn and participate with.

They sent out an email to folks on their list quite a few months ago, a call for artist's who might have something to donate.  I jumped in right away, because I knew it was going to be for a good cause and a great opportunity to share some art.

The event is happening April 15th, you can read all about it at the links provided above.  I've donated a color pencil & ink drawing that I framed, titled "Nature's Friend"  and a small sculpture, appropriately titled "Veggie Monster"  ^_^

here is the Veggie Monster going up for auction:



and here is the drawing I completed and framed for the auction  ^_^


its started off looking like this, its the scanned in version:

and then I put in a few bits of color and it started to look like this:

and here are a few details of the bird and the girl after I finished it:


I'm really pleased how the frame came out, I applied some painted details and leaves to it:


I'm now diving back into making more creations, there is so much to do !!!!!  I need more hands and a clone to help me fur my creatures and pull the graveyard shift for me so I can double time it up :D

Fun stuff !!!


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Unknown said...

Oh man. Veggie-Monster = ADORABLE.