Friday, March 04, 2011


I've been in full gear since the last time I posted, I'm pretty happy with all the fun creative projects I've been working on.  There were lots of Yeti Birthday's in February!!  Who knew that so many little creatures wanted to find homes.

I'm in the last stretch here with the Etsy store getting up and running. Right now I'm dabbling with the way I'm going to take the pictures and how I want to present it all.  Since I spend quite a bit of time on Etsy, I've noticed that the better the picture the more likely that you convey the charm of what you have made.   My biggest obstacles right now seem to be around lighting and getting the correct atmosphere for my little creatures - but I'm close to what I think my ideal is.

Here is a group shot I took today, that I am somewhat happy with, but I'll still be taking more until I feel thrilled with what I've made ^_^

More to come!


Patty said...

Jennifer, Your photo came out wonderful! Everything looks great!!

HappyMoonBelly said...

Thanks Mom <3