Friday, March 11, 2011

Who knew!?

It seems so long ago that I decided to commit to getting my Etsy store up and running and dive deeply into my creativity and art.   I had no clue when I set out on this journey that it would take as long as it has, or require the kind of focus and energy it truly needs.  I had an idea mind you, of what it could be like, but the actual experience is far more demanding than I imagined it was.

First off, I realized that the work patterns and behavior I have in my regular 9-5 do flow into my work behavior when its for my own business.  That is a truly funny thing to see and to grow with!!  Who knew that I had such funny little habits ingrained my work behavior :-)   I've been having fun learning and challenging myself to do things differently with creating this art stuff.

Stumping me lately is figuring out pricing for my little creatures.  There is such a wide variety of thoughts I'm having about it all, but what it boils down to for me, is wanting to create art that is accessible and purchasable by a wide variety of incomes.  A lot of the times I go to Etsy and I fall in love with so many incredible and wonderful creations only to run against a price that I just can't afford or commit to buying.

I completely understand the art price, because making something by hand does take a significant amount of time.  In order to also survive financially and for collector respect, its justifiable that art pieces range anywhere from $40 - $300+.....however there is another experience I feel, having been in the shopper lane for so long, is that not a lot of people can afford that much on an original art item.  On the other side of the fence, my experience of those who can pay whatever the amount it is, they pay it...but there is a frugal nature to them that recognizes and celebrates a low price in whatever they are buying too.

When I ponder this subject, I have a thought that we live in a culture of high consumerism and we have a general pricing knowledge based on processed machine manufactured goods.  Another thought is that some people who are shopping just see the end result, they don't really understand the time and process of making the item that is involved so its hard to qualify the price tag. In this modern day of commercialism and things not made by hand as much,  there is a generic forgotten understanding of the hand-crafted goods cost.

Those are just musings, but as I approach the launch of my store and I'm tackling the tough decisions on pricing my creations I am thinking about the balance of worth vs. approachability to a wider pocket audience.  I'm leaning towards having my art be approachable and inviting for many diverse incomes to participate with.

This is a risky path I'm taking, I do see all the variables involved here that could negatively happen - but it could also be something with a great payoff and give me satisfaction that isn't based solely in monetary profit.  I think its more harmonious with my concept of the creative process too - I don't want my creations to be out of reach and just looked at, I want them in people's homes and on their shelves and in their office cubes making them smile or be amused.

So, interesting thoughts and new learnings are what are occupying my day's as well as getting ready for my Etsy store launch coming up on March 17th !!  Hooray!



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