Thursday, March 31, 2011

I love the Yeti !!

I've been following a really fantastic blog for all things Yeti for a few year's now called "I Love The Yeti".  I wrote to the owner of the blog, and let him know all about the HappyMoonBelly Yeti's and was beyond thrilled because he liked my little creations and posted about it in his blog!!!!   I had a big grin on my face the whole day when I got the news.  Its just one of those things, the little idea that one day it would be rad to make something cool and be in that blog, and I am so happy that it became a reality.


Here is the post:

Hooray for Yeti's !!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Avant Garden Auction 2011

I'm so pleased to say that I'm going to be in an upcoming gallery showing, the "Avant Garden" !!  Its an art auction for my favorite local farm, Veggilution, a non-profit that is raising funds for its continued growth.  I've volunteered a few times on the weekends at this place, and its a wonderful awesome garden to learn and participate with.

They sent out an email to folks on their list quite a few months ago, a call for artist's who might have something to donate.  I jumped in right away, because I knew it was going to be for a good cause and a great opportunity to share some art.

The event is happening April 15th, you can read all about it at the links provided above.  I've donated a color pencil & ink drawing that I framed, titled "Nature's Friend"  and a small sculpture, appropriately titled "Veggie Monster"  ^_^

here is the Veggie Monster going up for auction:



and here is the drawing I completed and framed for the auction  ^_^


its started off looking like this, its the scanned in version:

and then I put in a few bits of color and it started to look like this:

and here are a few details of the bird and the girl after I finished it:


I'm really pleased how the frame came out, I applied some painted details and leaves to it:


I'm now diving back into making more creations, there is so much to do !!!!!  I need more hands and a clone to help me fur my creatures and pull the graveyard shift for me so I can double time it up :D

Fun stuff !!!


Monday, March 28, 2011

The fun of experimenting !!

Sometimes an idea arrives and you must follow its song of creation.  Lately I've been getting all kinds of inspiration and images for dragons and cats.  I have no idea why, but its a challenge for me to creatively pursue in how I could express the idea in my imagination.

What I see inside is a dragon with multicolored scales, and lots of mixed media elements for the fur.  For this first try, I've used a polymer clay base and polymer scale applied onto it, with green tufted fur and multi colored wool.  It was a lot of fun to experiment with, and I think I now have an idea for what I'm going to do in a smaller sized version.  This dragon here is about 2.5 inches in height, not very tall but bigger than what I'm aiming for in my ideal version.

For my cat, I'm still playing around.  I wanted to do a mom cat and her kitten(s) and I also wanted to work with the dark brown polymer clay that I have.  I'm not sure if the face is looking like how I see it in my minds eye, so I'm going to hold onto this cat for awhile and make another few to see what develops.  I used wool fiber that I applied by hand in clumps of different colors.  ^_^

I did complete one item though, that I'm really pleased with how it came out.  Its a Wild Thing Troll Monster that I posted up on Etsy for sale today.  I am so pleased with how it came out, it was exactly what I was seeing in my mind with what I wanted to do, and I love the ears especially.   


Saturday, March 26, 2011

idea's and idea's and more idea's!

Lately I've been having so many ideas, now I just need sit down and make them!  I kept getting this idea for a little dragon so I'm starting to work on him, and then I have all the mother's day monster projects....and the goal to get 50 items up on my page ^_^   It all seems like a lot of work, and it is, but every day is one day closer to these ideas becoming reality in little creations.

I didn't fully realize what having the Etsy store might entail until it was happening, and there is a balance I need to find with promoting my work and networking, and making sure I spend that creative energy making my art.

I thought I had done a lot of research, but I wasn't aware you could join some of the Etsy information teams prior to setting up your store on your own.  Now I know, that those groups are available to anyone interested in an Etsy store (launched or not) and they are full of really invaluable information from veteran sellers.

One thing I learned is the importance of having 50-100 items in your store regularly.  Due to the high volume of hits the site gets in searches and visitors, your inventory and creations can get easily lost without a strong foundation of goods.  I launched with 20 items, which I thought was a lot for just starting, but it truly was not enough.

I had developed a business plan but I need to re-adjust that now and my expectations and timeline.  For myself,  I want this store to be the seed planted for future harvesting, so I am not going to get super stressed out about how things *have* to be right now.   Everything is an opportunity to learn and grow, including mistakes in starting out on your own!

My longterm goals are to have an established identity and place online with my sculpture work and to begin to attend some craft fairs for exposure.  I definitely see this all being a 5yr plan to reach full blossom, and that is a great girth of room to fill in!

For now I really love my bunny yeti and want to share it !!  I think its turned out better than I had hoped, it makes me laugh every time I see how cute and silly it is.   The ears I created with wool using a needle felting technique:


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the waters of march...

I have been making some new little creatures, and learning a few new things about sculpting along the way. Sometimes its funny how you might be puzzling on how to change something and then all of a sudden it just hits you how whatever it is can be improved or done differently.  I love that about creativity and the process of art.

I'm trying to also figure out how to get my drawings on Etsy, what will be the best way to capture them digitally.  I've scanned in a few images and I've taken photos of them, but I'm not happy with the quality of it all yet so I'm going to delay putting a few up on Etsy for another few days until I can sort it out.

I also had quite a few new ideas spring into life in my imagination the last couple of days involving dragons, cats and door ledge wild things!

haha!  fun stuff  (""(  ^____^ )"")

I posted these two creatures up on the Etsy site for sale today:

And my song for getting by these rainy days is "The Waters of March" by  Susannah McCorkle


Sunday, March 20, 2011

I have an Etsy Store!! Woohoo!

I'm on an adventure, and its pretty fun so far!

You know, its an interesting experience when you have been spending months working towards something, and it arrives and happens and then passes into a memory.  Now, I am living in the reality that I am an online shop owner, and that I have a responsibility and a commitment to this art path.

I feel as though I have integrated pieces of myself that were ideas of things, now its a living truth, and I am learning how I identify with being a shop owner instead of an aspiring one.  Anyway, challenging thoughts but good ones.  I feel like I am being stretched and growing!

I have realized a few cool things about Etsy that I didn't really know that much about now that I am participating with the site more.  First, they have a truly remarkable community!  Lots of neat "teams" of people who are there to connect with and talk about the experience with.  Veterans of the game so to speak, who have gone through the ropes and learned a few tricks.  That's a great resource and I am grateful to have found them.

The other thing is this amazing treasury type deal....its like a collage you can make of items you find on Etsy and make a personal bookmark "collection" for them.  You can be random, or you can make themes or color storyboards!  I had a tremendously huge amount of fun making mine!  I adore my Gypsy treasury and the pinks and celadon hued ones I made too.

I've also really learned some things about photography after going through so many listings of items in search of treasury things.  The primary image of your item, that is on the main pages, should really be more of a hero art shot than a literal representation of the item.   The other photos can represent size and direct view - but you need something funny to lure someone in, and that is a good shot for the treasury listings too with color etc.

Another neat thing I've learned is to browse the favorites of my favorite artists.  They have some amazing things bookmarked in their lists, and its a way to get exposed to more of Etsy without doing a basic search. I love it !!

I've listed a few more items with new pictures, and I'm so happy with the new stuff I've got brewing on my art table soon to be listed this week!  good times!  OH !! and I get to ship all the new stuff that was purchased on Monday so I'm really excited about my first "shipments"

good fun stuff !!  (""(   ^____^  )"")

Thursday, March 17, 2011

zomg Etsy Store launch!!

wow!!      I have an Etsy store.

Once I finish going through the nerves I'm feeling, I think I'm going to be completely thrilled about it all.  Its so hard to be subjective to your own work sometimes, but I'm fairly pleased with how things are turning out.  I am still tweaking some photos a bit, I'm not 100% thrilled with how a few look but its a learning curve and I'm a'learnin!

I've joined several networking groups and Etsy Teams, which is ever so wonderful and helpful.  I really am excited to participate and get to know/support everyone who takes up this journey.  My newest thing is I have a Facebook page for my business!  That was super fun to make and figure out.  Facebook makes it pretty easy so that's really great.

There is still so much work I need to do, lots and lots of stuff.  I thought it was a lot of work to get to this point, but to improve and to share all the ideas I have I know there is so much to still do.  I like this current of energy I have right now though, I'm curious to see where it leads to.

Another thing though, is that I need to slow down.  I think in my haste to make the deadline that I've not fully experienced some things that I would like to process and think about.  Although an idea comes to me around 2am, I need to go slowly in the crafting of it more....that's where I'm meandering to in my thoughts.

I'm starving, I haven't eaten yet and I'm so tired but happy.  I'm going to forage out there in the wild for something yummy as a treat !!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Almost !!

Well, its almost time for the Etsy store launch and I'm faced with nerves, joy and curiosity about it all.  Holding this idea and dream for so long and then manifesting it with an actual happening is fun and challenging all at once.  Sometimes when I've had a goal that's taken hard work and effort and a long time to achieve crossing the finish line, the days that follow can be a surreal experience.

I suppose its akin to an idea finally merging from thought into your true life as an action and a tangible thing....creation itself!  What an interesting thing life can be!  I've had fun preparing and creating, and I look forward to finding out what lies around the bend on the next part of this journey.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Who knew!?

It seems so long ago that I decided to commit to getting my Etsy store up and running and dive deeply into my creativity and art.   I had no clue when I set out on this journey that it would take as long as it has, or require the kind of focus and energy it truly needs.  I had an idea mind you, of what it could be like, but the actual experience is far more demanding than I imagined it was.

First off, I realized that the work patterns and behavior I have in my regular 9-5 do flow into my work behavior when its for my own business.  That is a truly funny thing to see and to grow with!!  Who knew that I had such funny little habits ingrained my work behavior :-)   I've been having fun learning and challenging myself to do things differently with creating this art stuff.

Stumping me lately is figuring out pricing for my little creatures.  There is such a wide variety of thoughts I'm having about it all, but what it boils down to for me, is wanting to create art that is accessible and purchasable by a wide variety of incomes.  A lot of the times I go to Etsy and I fall in love with so many incredible and wonderful creations only to run against a price that I just can't afford or commit to buying.

I completely understand the art price, because making something by hand does take a significant amount of time.  In order to also survive financially and for collector respect, its justifiable that art pieces range anywhere from $40 - $300+.....however there is another experience I feel, having been in the shopper lane for so long, is that not a lot of people can afford that much on an original art item.  On the other side of the fence, my experience of those who can pay whatever the amount it is, they pay it...but there is a frugal nature to them that recognizes and celebrates a low price in whatever they are buying too.

When I ponder this subject, I have a thought that we live in a culture of high consumerism and we have a general pricing knowledge based on processed machine manufactured goods.  Another thought is that some people who are shopping just see the end result, they don't really understand the time and process of making the item that is involved so its hard to qualify the price tag. In this modern day of commercialism and things not made by hand as much,  there is a generic forgotten understanding of the hand-crafted goods cost.

Those are just musings, but as I approach the launch of my store and I'm tackling the tough decisions on pricing my creations I am thinking about the balance of worth vs. approachability to a wider pocket audience.  I'm leaning towards having my art be approachable and inviting for many diverse incomes to participate with.

This is a risky path I'm taking, I do see all the variables involved here that could negatively happen - but it could also be something with a great payoff and give me satisfaction that isn't based solely in monetary profit.  I think its more harmonious with my concept of the creative process too - I don't want my creations to be out of reach and just looked at, I want them in people's homes and on their shelves and in their office cubes making them smile or be amused.

So, interesting thoughts and new learnings are what are occupying my day's as well as getting ready for my Etsy store launch coming up on March 17th !!  Hooray!



Friday, March 04, 2011


I've been in full gear since the last time I posted, I'm pretty happy with all the fun creative projects I've been working on.  There were lots of Yeti Birthday's in February!!  Who knew that so many little creatures wanted to find homes.

I'm in the last stretch here with the Etsy store getting up and running. Right now I'm dabbling with the way I'm going to take the pictures and how I want to present it all.  Since I spend quite a bit of time on Etsy, I've noticed that the better the picture the more likely that you convey the charm of what you have made.   My biggest obstacles right now seem to be around lighting and getting the correct atmosphere for my little creatures - but I'm close to what I think my ideal is.

Here is a group shot I took today, that I am somewhat happy with, but I'll still be taking more until I feel thrilled with what I've made ^_^

More to come!