Sunday, March 20, 2011

I have an Etsy Store!! Woohoo!

I'm on an adventure, and its pretty fun so far!

You know, its an interesting experience when you have been spending months working towards something, and it arrives and happens and then passes into a memory.  Now, I am living in the reality that I am an online shop owner, and that I have a responsibility and a commitment to this art path.

I feel as though I have integrated pieces of myself that were ideas of things, now its a living truth, and I am learning how I identify with being a shop owner instead of an aspiring one.  Anyway, challenging thoughts but good ones.  I feel like I am being stretched and growing!

I have realized a few cool things about Etsy that I didn't really know that much about now that I am participating with the site more.  First, they have a truly remarkable community!  Lots of neat "teams" of people who are there to connect with and talk about the experience with.  Veterans of the game so to speak, who have gone through the ropes and learned a few tricks.  That's a great resource and I am grateful to have found them.

The other thing is this amazing treasury type deal....its like a collage you can make of items you find on Etsy and make a personal bookmark "collection" for them.  You can be random, or you can make themes or color storyboards!  I had a tremendously huge amount of fun making mine!  I adore my Gypsy treasury and the pinks and celadon hued ones I made too.

I've also really learned some things about photography after going through so many listings of items in search of treasury things.  The primary image of your item, that is on the main pages, should really be more of a hero art shot than a literal representation of the item.   The other photos can represent size and direct view - but you need something funny to lure someone in, and that is a good shot for the treasury listings too with color etc.

Another neat thing I've learned is to browse the favorites of my favorite artists.  They have some amazing things bookmarked in their lists, and its a way to get exposed to more of Etsy without doing a basic search. I love it !!

I've listed a few more items with new pictures, and I'm so happy with the new stuff I've got brewing on my art table soon to be listed this week!  good times!  OH !! and I get to ship all the new stuff that was purchased on Monday so I'm really excited about my first "shipments"

good fun stuff !!  (""(   ^____^  )"")

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