Sunday, August 28, 2011

Almost Fall!?!?!

Hello! I can't believe this year is already headed into fall !! I love it though, that's my favorite time of year so I can't wait.

 I've been making more monsters that are not commission ones, and I will finally have some new ones for sale this upcoming week. They are all nekkid right now sitting on my table, waiting for some epic fur. I'm looking forward to making some holiday-ish ones in the coming weeks too.

 I've also been busy with all the events that I go to. I got inspired to make my own group, which has been on my wishlist for almost a year now since I found meetup. I've ninja'd co-organizer roles in other meetup groups which is really wonderful and I appreciate it so much. However, there is something really satisfying in having a creation of your own that you can really nurture and develop.

I've dived into making an art one, and I am really excited to share and draw with everyone! If you are in the south bay area, check it out and maybe come to one of the events!!

It's called South Bay Art: Drawing, Doodlers and more!   In this meetup we will just gather to draw and I will have themes for us and fun topics to theory craft about.  I am especially looking forward to the Halloween greeting card and holiday zine ones.  :-)

Good stuff all around!!!   Stay tuned, more coming this week....