Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rainy Day Art

I have been busy drawing the last week or so and looking through some of my older doodles.  I don't have my scanner set up with my laptop yet instead I had some fun exploring taking photos of my art.  Since so many of my upcoming new art pieces will need to be photographed, I wanted to spend some time learning more about how I will do it.

I call this one "carrotzilla" ...beware bunny's !!!  BeWarE !

When I made a lot of clothes for The Sims, I'd really just play around in photoshop using a mesh that I liked without a sketch in advance. One day I decided that it would be fun to go back and draw a few of the outfits I liked the most (below it, is The Sims version that I made originally)

I'm always drawn to the Fairy and Elf themes, here I was trying to explore a few seasonal Elf's.  I wasn't able to color correct without photoshop, but its fun to see these familiar drawings again!  I used color pencil's as the medium, and they are ACEO size  2.5x3.5"  :


its always so much fun to draw, I find that its something effortless that can be played with anytime and anywhere. 


Tomoyolove said...

Dear Moon belly,

Hi! ehmm.. So I don't really know ehat to say but ok. I hope you are doing your best! It's fun to see that you have started to make a blog and tell "us" who you are! ^^
I am a Sims 2 freak and I love your creations! I download alot of Parsimonious and I am always suprised to fin myself downloading another of of yours when I just download it because I think it's pretty. I hope you will keep updating your blog more often so I can read more! BTW, I reallylike the new dress and those fairy(?) drawings are so cute! XD bye bye Tomoyo

HappyMoonBelly said...

Thanks Tomoyo! Thanks for enjoying the Sims 2 creations I've made, I always like hearing how people enjoy them. I had so much fun making those clothes and wallpapers and stuff. ^_^