Monday, February 07, 2011

February Art Love Month!

I had some fun recently working on some drawings that I wanted to share.  My art ideas are never fully planned out in advance, I definitely enter into the art space with only a mood sometimes or a wisp of a thought about something.   Lately however, I have been trying to focus my drawings a bit more to have stories or action's occurring in them that are telling some kind of event or tale.  I can get stuck in drawing faces only or figures with ornamented outfits but nothing else really of significance in the scene.

These drawings I've done so far I'm really pleased with, I feel like I am delving into that space where I am pushed out of my ordinary lines.

The first drawing I've only just started on the girl, but she will be in a very lush and lovely garden near a stream/pond that has some koi fish.  I've always been drawn to Eastern style's so that kind of dress and costume is really fun for me to create.  Also, I'm partial to long flowy braids - however I'm still tuning my skills for drawing the "perfect braid" so to speak.

As you can see, its very bare right now:

Here is another stage, after I've added some more ornamentation to her outfit, and started the first color treatment for her skin tones:

Here is another stage, as I've begun to add some color to her outfit and the skin tone is more developed:

I'm excited to keep drawing this one, but I think its going to take me quite awhile to get it exactly the way I want it.  I'm trying to decide if I want to use some mixed media for the plants and incorporate some paint.  Right now this is just pen and colored pencil.


Things took a dive into the water though later today, as I went into some Mermaid territory and found this sweet Mermaid sitting on a whale and having a conversation with her good fish friend:

Just getting started with some skin color applied and the fish bursting in color  - though the pictures have a yellow tinge due to my lighting...ah well !!  ^_^

A closer look at some details of her, after more color has been applied:

and here is a look at the finished ACEO (2.5x3.5) art card that I created with pen & colored pencil that I took with my camera (color isn't accurate): 

I've got 3 sculptures completed now too, that I need to get baked and furred ^_^ plus lots more ideas that are coming forward !!


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