Monday, November 28, 2011

Goodbye November!


I've been making some new monsters that will be showing up in the Etsy store over the next weeks of December.   I recently posted up this cute monster, Harry with his cat George, the real cat is my neighbor's pet.

Here is the tale of Harry and George:

"Harry and his cat George get on quite well. Harry found him at the local Beastiary Mart when his ex-girlfriend Kathy, who was looking for some fresh slugs for her pet crow Pearl, dragged him in there. As some moments go in a relationship, Kathy became very irritable and negative about Harry adopting George. Harry went ahead and did it anyway. Well, I'm sure the "ex" reference sums up how things went after George came home (though Kathy say's its because Pearl's nerves were becoming too frayed).

George enjoys being carried around since he has delicate paw pads that are sensitive to hot and cold. If he's not being carried, he hangs out around Harry's head, which is soft and fuzzy. He's very happy with Harry and the mini-portable heater that Harry puts out in the winter just for him."

you can check out more pictures of Harry and George at the Etsy store

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I've gone back and taken some new pictures of the older monsters that are still waiting for adoption, and I am playing around with some small stories about who they are and what they like.  Its been fun to imagine and create these little snippets of bio's about the monsters.

I also snuck in a group shot with some of the monsters I have:

and last, but not least.....the goodbye November pumpkin wielding monster:

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