Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Etsy Treasury fun!!!

I've been so excited about the treasury feature that Etsy has, where you can make a grouping of items that you love and share it with everyone.  There are so many gorgeous treasuries, I get lost for hours sometimes just browsing through the rich colors and interesting art that so many creative people make.

I recently came across a great site, Craft Cult, that has a tool that makes this script allowing you to embed the treasury into a blog post, so now I'm super duper excited because I can finally share some of the ones that I've made here on my blog!!!

The first one I wanted to share, was of some very talented illustrators over at Etsy, who really capture the magic of childhood and the whimsical imagination of that time:

this other one is for the April Poetry Month, its based on a poem by Mary Oliver titled "Sleeping in the Forest"

those are the ones that I have made above, I do have the great honor of being featured in some treasuries made by others too! This is a most recent one, for spring that my Bunny Yeti was included in ^_^

Cheers, HMB

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