Saturday, April 02, 2011

Grey Sky and Sun

I think its perfectly good and fine to take naps on a grey Saturday!  The weather has been so odd, we had near 90 degree weather for three days after more than a week of rain and grey, and today it is overcast again.   My whole life seemed jump with joy in those sunshine days, but here come the clouds and I'm napping!!  With so much to do !!!  >.<

The good news is that I've got 5 little wild thing creations made that just need to be furred, and one I posted up at Etsy yesterday.   I'm still working towards my goal of having 50 pieces up, and trying to be more consistent with listing one a day if not every other day.  The thing I like about furring the creations is that even if I'm weary or tired its a ball I can keep rolling down the road, unlike making the faces with takes a much steadier hand and concentration.

I also need to get back to making some more greeting cards and tags, but I've just not been able to juggle the time for that yet.  Oh ya, and networking, I've still been unable to carve out the time I need to manage all the PR tasks yet to take on.   I prioritized the making of the "the 50" before all else.....but now that I'm a few weeks into that priority I'm re-thinking this strategy.

Anyway, those are the shenanigans that I'm up to in managing all of this!!  Exciting stuff, I know.  =P

Here is the troll I posted up recently, I wish the color had come out a bit more accurately. Even with photoshop color correction I wasn't able to fully capture the hue of green that he is.   I had the most fun taking the picture with my cat Chubba.  I was giggling in between photos, which I had to calm down so I could hold the camera steady.





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